What our customers have been saying...

Obsessed with my Room Lift box! I’ve struggled to come up with a fresh look for my living room and couldn’t afford a high-end interior designer. In comes Room Lift! My Room Lift box was expertly curated with mix of stylish and unique pieces that totally matched my design concept and budget. What’s more, it exposed me to so many stores and websites that I never would have found on my own. The ordering instructions were clear and easy to understand and I was able to order at my own pace. Best living room looks design magazine worthy!
— Marissa
We recently moved into a larger space with several additional rooms that needed complete furnishing and Room Lift was the perfect solution for us. Not only were we given economical options to furnish everything within our budget, they also took into account the pieces we already owned and loved, so that the new rooms fit cohesively into the rest of the house. The 3 option box worked well for us because I was able to mix and match and make it my own. In reviewing all of our options, it was also an educational experience because we were introduced to great home furnishing companies and websites outside the normal big names, and we got a valuable lesson on where we could save and where could splurge, while still maintaining a high level of quality in everything that we bought. Plus, since I ordered everything myself, I was able to save more money via various Labor Day and sales and online promotions, while avoiding additional designer fees:-) As a marketing executive, I must also say that the packaging and the box itself was adorable and a great touch! We enjoyed our experience so much, we are already thinking of what we can do next!
— Brooke H.
Room Lift was the motivation I needed to finally redesign my office space. It’s been years that I have wanted to revamp this grey room which housed my husband’s makeshift office desk (of file cabinets and a glass tabletop) and a queen size bed adopted by our boxer as a full size dog bed. I just didn’t have the vision, time or energy to make this a beautiful space. Room Lift offered me a fabulous room layout with three different sensible design choices for each element (desk, rug, couch, lamp, side table, draperies, etc.). I was able to fully utilize the room layout and then chose to mix and match the design elements that RoomLift chose for me. Having so many choices helped me stay within budget, as I was able to spend on my gorgeous couch and save on my sensible desk and rug. I am so grateful to Room Lift and love my new space. Now I can’t wait to design my playroom with Room Lift!
— Andrea Slutske




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